Month: June 2014

Lacrosse Day 13

Chose to do some wall ball again today…

50 R/L Normal throws
50 R/L Longer throws with ball bouncing back, so it was fun to judge how to catch the ball off of 1-2 bounces or a grounder!
50 R/L Criss cross throws
50 R/L Side arm
50 R/L Clearing over the shoulder catches
50 R/L One handed bottom of stick catches as in the draw
25 Quick stick combination
25 R/L Behind the back

Total: 1 hour

Workout Day 13

Another long one today…

Ladder/hurdle work
10 Resistance sprints
5 Knee floor jump sprints
5 Knee floor jump with broad jump sprints
5 Falling sprints

Lower Body:
1 Minute power plate
10 Single leg hip bridges
10 Carpet sliding side lunges with kettle bell
10 Kettle bell swings
10 Monster walks
5 Tire jumps (up, down, up, down turn and repeat)
10 Single leg calf raises

Upper Body:
10 Single arm land mine press
10 One arm rows
10 Single arm kettle bell swings
10 Dumbbell curl and jerk press
10 Dips

30 Second straight leg hold
50 Straight leg sit ups
50 Straight leg penguins
50 Hip thrusts

Total: 2 hours

Has The Trail Been Lying To Me?!

So today was a heart breaker for me because I found out that it’s possible the mile markers on the trail I’ve ran my whole life could be wrong in a bad way, meaning they’re all short!  When I ran today I for some reason decided to bring my distance-calculating watch even thought the trail has mile markers, and my watch showed they were all just short.  For my run today, I decided to run 2 miles hard, jog 1 mile and then run the last mile in hard.  According to the distance on my watch, the 2 mile marker is almost 1 minute extra… for my 2 mile, I ran 13:50 in terms of the mile marker and 14:38 in terms of my watch.  For the mile, I ran a 7:15 in terms of the mile marker and 7:45 in terms of my watch.  Somewhat discouraged by the times again if the trail is the one that is wrong 😦  I don’t know which one is actually the right one, but it makes me so upset thinking that the trail I’ve ran on my whole life could have been lying to me all this time!  Oh well… it’s still my favorite trail ever so I’ll for sure keep running on it… but the decision is should I run according to the mile markers or my watch?!  Oh the struggle!

Total: 4 miles

Lacrosse Day 12

Restrung my game head yesterday so I went out to some a net today to practice shooting with it and see how it felt.  I practiced shooting some in the upper corners for accuracy and also practiced some on the run as well.  After that, I practiced some dodges from behind the crease and a little from the top.  I was still a little frustrated with my stick, so after about 40 minutes of shooting I went to a wall and threw 200 normal throws on each side and that broke in the stick pretty well!  I ended with some quick stick passes and my favorite quick stick routine.

Total: 1 hour

The Dreaded 800’s

I used to run track in high school and many years leading up to it.  When I ran, 800’s were my most dreaded workout ever and I hated them more than anything!  So… it takes a lot of will power for me to get myself up and do them.  Especially after a hard day of leg workouts!  Plus the wind on the back half of the track was pretty bad which made them harder, but I’m just proud I got myself to do them!  Wasn’t entirely happy with the times either, but I’ll for sure work towards getting them down.  Definitely should be running them faster than this:

4×800’s with 5 minute rest in between.



Lacrosse Day 11

Today I broke out the old rebounder wall and threw on that while we were grilling some pizza and smoking some burgers!  I did…

50 R/L Normal throws
25 R/L One hand throws middle of stick
25 R/L One hand throws top of stick
50 R/L Quick stick
25 R/L Standing far from rebounder to work on accuracy with passes and catching it back off a bounce
50 R/L Side arm
50 R/L Catch over the shoulder
50 R/L Throw over the shoulder
50 Catch left throw right
50 Catch right throw left
50 Slow quick sticks

Total: 45 Minutes

Workout Day 12

1,000 Jump rope

Lower Body:
1 Minute power plate
10 R/L Single leg Keiser squats
40 Yard Keiser sprint
15 R/L Single leg ball curls

Upper Body:
30 Second power plate medicine ball push ups
10 Chin ups
10 R/L Single arm dumbbell clean/jerk
10 Cable push downs

100 Bicycles
100 Stability ball diagonal knee drives

Total: 1 hour, 30 minutes

No time for lacrosse today because I had to go in to work and run a couple of errands with my dad. 😦 Tomorrow for sure!

Lacrosse Day 10

Today I met up with a couple of local teammates to throw around and shoot with, which is always fun and a change from the usual playing by myself.  At the same time, though, I don’t feel as productive with a group of people because we didn’t do much other than casually shoot around and talk while throwing around.  Great to catch up with them, but they all wanted to be done a lot earlier than I would have liked!  I dragged on the throw around as long as I could though and barely made it to an hour…  As much as I love my teammates, I can’t wait until tomorrow when I can work on a lot of things by myself and feel productive!!

Total: 1 hour

The Start of Track Workouts

This morning I drove up to a track and got in more of a speed workout by running some 400’s.  It takes a lot of will power for me to go do a track workout because they are my least favorite!!  I am 100% a distance person and I always hate to pass up on an opportunity to go for a long run due to having to run darn track workouts, but I have to get over that because they’re necessary!  Especially because I really need to work on my speed…  Anyway, today I ran 6 400’s, each with a 1 minute break in between (and a 2 minute rest halfway through after the 3rd 400).  The goal was to just try and run them in 1:30, but my pacing was slightly off today… which is weird because I am usually a great pacer!

400 times:

Workout Day 11

Today was a mixed upper body/lower body workout day…

20 Stairs
Ladder/hurdle work

Lower Body:
1 Minute power plate
10 Heavy kettle bell squats
10 Reverse lunge knee lift
10 Single leg ball curls
10 Dumbbell RDLs

Upper Body:
30 Quick alternating dumbbell press
30 Quick alternating dumbbell rows
10 Double dumbbell curl to jerk
10 Dips
20 Band pull apart

“The Rock” 3×10
–Up and back
–Right side up “V”
–Upside down “V”

Total: 1 hour, 45 minutes