Cream Cheese Pancakes #2

Decided to try and make a different cream cheese pancake recipe because I had lots of left over cream cheese that I won’t use.  I made this recipe:

Also an interesting, different kind of recipe… They turned out with kind of like a rubbery texture and not much flavor to them, but I’m a lover of all kinds of pancakes so I didn’t mind these too!  I actually liked them with cinnamon chips in it!  I made one with cinnamon chips, one with peanut butter chips and one with white chocolate chips.  All three were very good, but cinnamon was my favorite!

Cream Cheese Pancakes2

S’mores S’mores S’mores!

Still looking for different ways to mix up the old fashioned regular s’more!!  Tonight I ate probably the tastiest s’mores I’ve ever had!  One was just having a marshmallow with a Reeses, which I have been told to do so many times but never had any Reeses around!  (Thank you grandma for spoiling me with sweets!!)  Now that I finally had some from my grandma, I couldn’t help but try it and a Reeses s’more is soooo good–no wonder everyone raves about them!  The second s’more I tried was with a neopolitan coconut bar that my dad surprised me with from Cracker Barrel and I gotta tell you this one was just as good!!!!  Coconut lovers must try it!!!

Coconut Bar Smore Reeses Smore

Cream Cheese Pancakes

Decided to try a new pancake recipe this morning that my aunt told me about… cream cheese pancakes!  I found an interesting recipe that is supposed to actually be pretty good for you too because there aren’t many ingredients at all.  I was super excited to make them with strawberry cream cheese because I thought that’d be really tasty and interesting, but turns out they were just ok.  I personally liked them, but it’s a different kind of taste that I don’t think is for everyone!  On top of that, they’re extremely thin so they’re hard to make and flip as well.  (you can see how thin they are when you look at the edges curled up… kind of like a crepe!)  But on the bright side they’re fairly healthier pancakes to make every once in a while!

Recipe I used:
Cream Cheese Pancakes

Upstate NY Food Favorites!

So the food I experienced in the upstate NY area was just awesome, I want to share some pictures!  Among the variety I had, my favorites were absolutely half moon cookies, cherry dip soft serve ice cream cones, Dinosaur BBQ and coneys from Heid’s! I was so in love!!  Definitely going to miss all of this in a bit!!

Smoked Rib Dinner!!

Had a teammate over for dinner today and made quite the awesome dinner!  My dad and I smoked some ribs which is our favorite–we love using the smoker on weekends!  Then I wanted to make all the sides on my own, so I made a honey/ginger/soy sauce green bean dish and a lime/cilantro cauliflower rice dish…both of which were very good!!  I dislike green beans, but these were AMAZING and the favorite side of the night!  Such a hit and SO delicious!!!  I loved the cauliflower rice idea, but we all agreed that the recipe called for a little too much lime/cilantro so, note to self: use half the lime/cilantro for future use!!  Anyway, here are the recipes for the dishes I made:

Lime Cilantro Cauliflower Rice:

Honey/Soy/Ginger Green Beans:
–I only used 3 tablespoons of soy sauce though, no butter and 1 tablespoon of honey.

Here’s a picture of the amazing dinner!!

French Restaurant Night!

Went to see a musical with my sister tonight, and beforehand we ate dinner at a french bakery/restaurant so naturally I ate wayyy too much dessert because there were so many good options!!  For dinner I had an awesome seafood crepe dinner and then for dessert my sister and I split this strawberry/kiwi/pineapple tart and a “sacher torte” which is this fudgy chocolate cake slice which was soooo good!  I’m not usually a chocolate person, but let me tell you it hit the spot!! Before leaving, we also bought some macaroons to eat during the musical which were also so amazing, but so hard to choose from all the options!  Macaroons are just so good and easy to eat! I got a tiramisu, apricot, peanut butter and half of a caramel macaroon and they were all incredible!  The tiramisu was out of this world!  I just have to share a picture of these desserts…

BonneBoucheDesserts Macaroons

Peach Dessert Pizza

Made an AWESOME grilled peach dessert pizza!  It was honestly one of the greatest tasting things ever!!  The sauce is not so good for you, but the warm peaches and craisins were so good on top of the grilled pizza!  Definitely need to do this again!

Peach Pizza

Tropical Quinoa!

After the first quinoa success, I decided to try and make some tropical quinoa that I’ve been wanting to make forever!  I tried this recipe…

Instead of the mango chutney & hot mango chutney, I added a raspberry salsa (which was AWESOME with some tortilla chips!!!) because I’m not a fan of the spicy.  I also used fresh mango and pineapple instead of dried.  Overall, it was a pretty good dish but I also am not sure I thoroughly enjoyed the salsa and fruit together.  Next time I make this, I think I’ll find something other than salsa to put in it and put it in the fridge because I liked the fruit better cold!

Tropical Quinoa