Month: December 2016

5 Circuit Workout!

Upper body circuit 1:

  1. 10 dumbbell bench press
  2. 10 1-arm rows
  3. 10 curls
  4. 10 hide the tri
  5. 10 upright shoulder rotations
  6. 10 standing flies

Upper body cable circuit 2:

  1. 8 seated cable pull downs
  2. 10 standing straight arm cable push downs
  3. 10 seated cable rows
  4. 10 cable tricep pull down with rope
  5. 10 rope cable tricep overhead pull facing outward from cables, legs staggered
  6. 10 hanging knee raises

Core cable circuit 3:

  1. 10 kneeling cable pull down, hold cable rope by neck (HEAVY!)
  2. 10 standing with back on cable bar, holding rope by neck, bend over with rear and legs still contacting cable bar
  3. 10 kettle bell swings
  4. 10 kettle bell figure 8’s
  5. 10 Bosu ball push ups
  6. 30 second Bosu ball plank
  7. 10 1-foot standing cable pulls, same arm/same leg (left foot on ground, right arm holding cable and right leg knee raise in towards cable when you pull)
  8. 10 each cable oblique twists

Cardio circuit 4:

  1. low to high box jumps
  2. jump rope

4 rounds, 30 seconds each exercise

Lower body circuit 5:

  1. 8 each Bulgarian split squat
  2. 6 each kettle bell single leg box squats
  3. 10 figure 8 med ball slams
  4. 50 each leg single leg jump rope

1 mile jog cool down

WOW!  Typed out that seems like a lot but I guess it flew by a lot faster than you’d think!  🙂

Lift Workout 19


  1. 8 assisted pull-ups
  2. 12 push ups–at bottom, lay down and lift up hands for a second, then push up


  1. 10 incline dumb bell bench press
  2. 10 bent over rows reverse grip
  3. 10 upright rows
  4. 5 each single leg box jumps
  5. 10 reverse flies

As many rounds as possible for 20 minutes

Then we ended with a really tiring but awesome upper body partner rotation:

  1. As many bench reps as possible until you burn out (55 lbs this time)
  2. 10 curls

One partner benched while the other spotted and then switched.  Then immediately we went to the curl bar and did 10 reps as fast as possible and when partner 1 was done then partner 2 took the bar and did 10 reps as well and then go immediately back to the bench.  Repeat this 3-4 times!


Lift Workout 18

Warm up:

4 x 10 snatch lift with the bar


  1. 8 front squat at 80% of squat
  2. 5 hang clean at 70% of squat
  3. 8 box step ups
  4. 21’s with curl bar
  5. 10 skull crushers

Then, we ended with a terrible calf raise exercise!  We stood looking at the wall with our hands on the wall for balance and for 30 seconds straight we had to stand up on our toes as high as possible for as many reps as fast as possible in 30 seconds and boy was it hard!  We did 3 rounds of this and I thought my calf was going to rip… It was a great exercise!

Lift Workout 16

Usually run with a friend outdoor on Sunday mornings, but it was cold and rainy!  Instead, we went inside and ran through some stairs for 20 minutes.  Then, we went to the weight room and did 4 rounds of this circuit:

  1. 10 hanging knee raises + 10 hanging knee wipers
  2. 10 bench press
  3. 10 high pulls
  4. 10 standing flies
  5. 10 overhead dumbbell press

Lift Workout Day 15

Today I jumped right into this workout:

  1. 8 Assisted pull ups
  2. 10 Reverse grip bent over barbell rows
  3. 10 1-Arm rows
  4. 10 Reverse bench flies 1 second hold at the top

We did this for 20 minutes and started each rep at the bottom of each minute, so your rest time was the time left after you finished your exercise before the next minute starts.

Then we did 30 seconds of as many assisted pull ups as possible.

Then we did 3 rounds of this circuit:

  1. 10 Incline dumbbell bench press
  2. 10 Barbell high pull
  3. 10 Standing reverse flies