Month: February 2017

Lift Workout 30

Been spending more of my time lately running than being in the weight room, so felt good to do a lift again after it has been a while!

Here’s the circuit I did:

  1. Back squat
  2. Bench press
  3. 5 speed light weight clean to jerk
  4. 10 hide-the-tri
  5. 20 kettlebell swings
  6. 10 heavy weight calf raises
  7. 15 lying bench knee-ins

x 6 rounds

For the back squat and bench, I started light and then added a bit more weight each round so it got heavier and heavier and my reps got lower and lower each time.

Then, for core, I wanted to do a 5 minute plank–2:00 plank, 1:00 right side, 1:00 left side and the last 1:00 to be a normal plank, but I got cut off at 2:00 and had to run out!  Wanted to write all that though so I can try again in the future.  🙂  Good lift though!