Lacrosse Day 13

Chose to do some wall ball again today…

50 R/L Normal throws
50 R/L Longer throws with ball bouncing back, so it was fun to judge how to catch the ball off of 1-2 bounces or a grounder!
50 R/L Criss cross throws
50 R/L Side arm
50 R/L Clearing over the shoulder catches
50 R/L One handed bottom of stick catches as in the draw
25 Quick stick combination
25 R/L Behind the back

Total: 1 hour



  1. Hi. I was just looking at your blog and I see that you also lacrosse. I play lots of lacrosse but always find at home when I’m alone I find it hard to think of any other ways to practise things such as my stick work and though wall ball is good it has it’s limitations I was just wandering if you had any ideas about practise drills I could do on my own??

    1. Hi Lily,
      Always great to find another lacrosse player! I’ll admit finding ways to play lacrosse on your own is pretty difficult at times and you’re right about the limitation thing. Wall ball may seem elementary, but it’s important to keep going through the motions and put them to memory. There is plenty of ways to mix it up to keep it challenging as well–especially if you’re practicing with your non-dominant hand as much as you are your dominant hand. Other than that, stick tricks always help (and you can find a lot on youtube that are very hard to master!) and of course finding a goal and shooting on that and practicing your dodges. I can’t really think of any specific drills to help you with though, I’m very sorry!

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