Upper Body

Lift Workout 19


  1. 8 assisted pull-ups
  2. 12 push ups–at bottom, lay down and lift up hands for a second, then push up


  1. 10 incline dumb bell bench press
  2. 10 bent over rows reverse grip
  3. 10 upright rows
  4. 5 each single leg box jumps
  5. 10 reverse flies

As many rounds as possible for 20 minutes

Then we ended with a really tiring but awesome upper body partner rotation:

  1. As many bench reps as possible until you burn out (55 lbs this time)
  2. 10 curls

One partner benched while the other spotted and then switched.  Then immediately we went to the curl bar and did 10 reps as fast as possible and when partner 1 was done then partner 2 took the bar and did 10 reps as well and then go immediately back to the bench.  Repeat this 3-4 times!


Lift Workout 16

Usually run with a friend outdoor on Sunday mornings, but it was cold and rainy!  Instead, we went inside and ran through some stairs for 20 minutes.  Then, we went to the weight room and did 4 rounds of this circuit:

  1. 10 hanging knee raises + 10 hanging knee wipers
  2. 10 bench press
  3. 10 high pulls
  4. 10 standing flies
  5. 10 overhead dumbbell press

Lift Workout Day 12

Warm up:

10:00 running clock, bench as many reps as you can switching off with a partner when you can no longer bench anymore.  Today, my partner and I used the bar and I got 133, so more than last time!


1) 20 raised leg opposite arm-opposite leg sit ups
2) 15 box jumps (jump as soon as you hit the ground, no rest)
3) 10 heavy goblin squats
4) 20 kettlebell swings
5) 1 minute spin bike sprint

Rotate through the exercises for 20 minutes getting in as much as possible.

Lift Workout 9

Warm Up:

Hang clean + hold 90 degree squat x8
Curls x10
–Repeat 4 times


2 x 15 at 40% max
1 x 5 at 60% max
2 x 3 at 80% max
1 x 1 at 90-100%

10 Standing flies
10 Speed cleans
10 Tricep overhead press

It was 6 sets total with all the benching at the beginning. This was a harder one to complete today because my arms were dead so once we got to the heavier benches my arms were shot! Good workout though!

Lift Workout 3

Today’s workout was awesome!!!

We started with doing as many bench presses as possible in 10 minutes.  My partner and I just benched with the bar.  The idea was to bench press the bar as much as possible until you started slowing down.  When you were noticeably slower and couldn’t keep up the pace, you switched with your partner until they tired out as well.  We continued this process for 10 minutes and the idea is to try and get to 100.  If you made 100, then the next time you do it you add weight.  I got 126 with the bar for my first time doing this workout so will add weight next time!

After our arms were already incredibly dead, the trainer tacked on an upper body circuit to add to the pain!  We did 21’s with the curl bar, which was 7 lower half curls, 7 upper half curls and 7 full curls.  Then 10 push ups.  Then an incline fly press.  Then 3 jerks.

We ended with the bar core routine again from the last post.  Loved this workout!