Lacrosse Day 24

Today I went and threw around with a teammate indoors, and then we shot on a goal for a while as well.  We just did some regular passing and some quick stick work.  For the shooting I just did some random dodges from different areas around the cage.  That’s all though!

Total: 30 minutes

Lacrosse Day 23

So I have to admit that I definitely didn’t get in as much lacrosse days as I would have liked this summer.  😦  I got pretty caught up in running on the days I was free because I’ve been so concerned with all the running tests we have to do!  I am still glad, though, that I dedicated what time I did to get better and improve my game!  Anyway, today I just worked on several different dodges from X on both the right and left side, did some dodges from up top and then did some risers at the end for some fun.  My groin felt just a little bit tight while playing, but also probably because I was thinking about it a lot, but overall it was all good!  That’s all for today though!

Total: 30 minutes

Wise words from the trainer

“You have to look at them, tell them ‘I’m going to take your shirt, your shorts and your shoes.’  You can’t be afraid to look at someone and tell them, ‘I’m going to beat you.’  You’ve worked your butt off this summer and it’s your time to show people where you’re at and to get at your level.  You need to be a completely different person on the field than you are off the field.  You should be lights out, and no one is stopping you!  You need to be a competitor, and want more than anyone out there to WIN.”  


Just got done playing a couple games in the Lake Placid tournament and boy was it awesome!!  Lake Placid is probably my new favorite place ever… absolutely love it up there, I didn’t want to leave!!  I had a blast going up there though and getting to play in some games with some great players against some crazy competition!  Unfortunately we lost our first game in the last ten seconds to a great team, but we won our last three games which was awesome!  Really hoping I can go back there sometime again (or maybe even live there someday…)  🙂  Seriously though–mountains, lakes, lacrosse and OLYMPICS!  How could it get better than that?!  (I say that without ever having to experience a winter there though so maybe then I would change my mind!!)


Lacrosse Day 22

Falling so far behind on lacrosse days because of the camp I worked this week and coaching a tournament for the weekend.  😦  I was finally able to get a little lacrosse in today though while we had one of my teammates over for dinner.  We went up to an elementary school by my house and just played catch for a while before we went back.  Nothing too crazy, but felt so good to have a stick back in my hand again and throw with a teammate I haven’t seen for a couple of months!

Total: 40 minutes

Lacrosse Day 21

Met with my goalie today before we coached a practice and shot around on her.  It was only for a fairly short time, but I was getting a lot of good shots in for a good 20 minutes before our players showed up.  Had some great ones going in too which was pretty good, but other than that just a short day of shooting today.

Total: 20 minutes

Lacrosse Day 20

Shot around again today and tried out a new stick I strung for a family friend… Was totally loving it! Anyway, today I did some target practice again–the usual right hand, left hand, high corners, low corners, mix it up, etc. Then I focused on 5 different dodges again:
1) Kayla Treanor move
2) Swim under dodge
3) Bad angle running to left pipe, shot with right hand (Saw Rob Pannell & Thompson brother do in world lax games)
4) Half roll, shoot late at small angle
5) Over swim dodge with a BTB… Just for fun 🙂

Then I went to the wall and threw for 10 minutes to make sure the stick for the family friend threw ok! Just some basic right hand, left hand, and quick stick routine.

Total: 1 hour

Lacrosse Day 19

This morning I woke up and went to shoot with my dad at the nets I usually go to.  We started by throwing a bit, some close and some longer throws.  Then I just ran around the goal everywhere and got feeds from him and shot the ball or pulled a dodge and then shot the ball.  It was more tiring running back and forth having someone feed me but fun to finally have the chance to shoot some shots off a feed rather than a dodge!  (Which is what I need to work on more because I am definitely a dodger).  Anyway, we just shot around for a half hour before we went back because we didn’t throw too long in the beginning.  I also worked on some more crease rolls too while he was there so he could watch me!

Total: 30 minutes

Lacrosse Day 18

Met up with the local teammates again and threw around with them for an hour.  We just threw the whole time… quick sticks, behind the backs, around the world, switching hands, across the body, etc.  Nothing much more than that today!

And later in the day… I just got back from practice that I coach and my goalie and I showed up early to practice so we could both get some shots in, so I shot on her for a half an hour.  So fun to finally have a non-empty cage to shoot on for once!!

Total: 1 hour 30 minutes

Lacrosse Day 17

Today I went to do some more shooting, and started with the usual target practice.  Right hand in the upper corners, left hand in the upper corners, and then I did right hand switching off between all 4 corners and same with left.  After lots of shots, I moved on to 5 different crease dodges again:

1) Kayla Treanor dodge
2) Swim dodge (with attempted lefty around the worlds)
3) Right to one handed left dodge
4) Half spin dodge
5) Question mark dodge

And after shooting I decided to have a little fun and practice balancing stick tricks with the ball on the ledge of the stick for about 15 minutes!

Total: 1 hour