Easy 3 Mile Run

Wasn’t planning on running today, but a teammate asked me to go on a run with her, so I just took her on a 3 mile run, and we ran at a decent pace.  Ran in about 26:30, so just an easier run.  She asked me to run a bit after I lifted, so my body was pretty tired because I did a fairly good lower body lift!

Total: 3 miles

Treadmill 800 Workout

Today I went up to the treadmills at school because the track isn’t allowed to be used right now, which I was quite upset about because I hate treadmills!  Anyway, I got a good workout in regardless.  I ran 4×800’s with a 3 minute break in-between.  Here were the times:


Last Summer 400’s

I’m guessing this will be the final track workout of the summer, and maybe even ever!!  Tried to end on a good one, which I can’t say I completely did, but I was still ok with the times!  As usual, I did 6×400’s with a 1 minute break in between each of them.


Was hoping to get a fast last time, so I was sad about the last one being the same as the rest, but I’m still overall fine with the consistency in the times.  Time for the school year to start…

3 Mile Run… Easy

Decided to go for an experimental 3 mile run this morning… I say “experimental” because my hip flexor/groin/butt areas on my right leg have felt somewhat odd lately.  It’s just primarily been a dull ache, but it just worries me that sometimes it aches when I am simply sitting down.  Sometimes there is a tightness in the groin area, but it is just primarily a dull ache.  Anyway, I wanted to go for a longer, easier run to see if I had any pain at all and I was pain free the whole time minus a time here or there where my butt would ache for a second, but really no worries during the run.  My biggest pain was my legs being so darn tired from the heavy prowler push I did yesterday!  What a tiring lower body workout it was!  Anyway…  Hoping that nothing is wrong with the right hip area, just being extra thoughtful and worried about it because I don’t want anything wrong for the last year!

Total: 3 miles

A Different Kind of Track Workout

After not being able to do a track workout for a week or so, I decided it was time to hit the track again to do my least favorite thing of all… speed work!  This was the workout I decided to do:

200 jog
200 fast (0:39)
200 jog
400 fast (1:31)
400 jog
800 fast (1:32 & 1:32 = 3:04)
400 jog with 1 minute stretch
800 fast (1:28 & 1:30 = 2:58)
400 jog
400 fast (1:27)
200 jog
200 fast (0:38)
200 jog

Overall I was happy with the times, especially since I hadn’t been able to do any track workouts while I was in New York for a week.  Clearly my sprinting could use a lot of work but for the most part I was happy with it and getting back into the hard runs!

Lake Erie Canal Run

After Henderson I drove down to Syracuse for a bit and spent a couple of days there as well.  My first morning there I ran 3 miles on the Lake Erie Canal!  I’ve ran there in the past too and it’s always a great run there because I love the trail so much!  But it was also not so great because I was dead tired and was going pretty slow and my legs were super heavy, but that’s alright.  The past week has been super busy and very tiring, so I wasn’t expecting too much.  I love the Lake Erie Canal trail!!

Total: 3 miles

4 Mile Run in Henderson!

Today I went for a four mile run on the beach again pretty much only because I’d eaten so much dessert food and I felt like I needed to go run because I’d been eating so horribly!  I’ll be very honest and say today was a really bad cheat day from eating a good diet… probably the worst I could ever do!  For breakfast I had strawberry shortcake on a biscuit with a little bit of vanilla ice cream and let me tell you–how delicious was that!  Sooo good!  Then for lunch I had a tiramisu from a restaurant that my aunt works at that she brought for me to try and that was unbelievable too.  So with all the horrible eating I’d say I was definitely due for a run.  🙂  Funny thing was that it was actually a great run too!  I forgot the time but I ran it at a pretty good pace!  Maybe I should always eat dessert for every meal…

Total: 4 miles

7 Mile Run…

Woke up tuesday morning planning to go on a 3 mile run, until my uncle tells me I should run 6 miles to the end of the beach and back because there are some cool little board walks to smaller swimming holes that are neat to look at, so I decided to take on the 6 mile run to look at the board walks and side swimming holes!  Turns out that was a pretty big mistake though because…

1) I was looking for the board walks in the wrong areas and missed all three of them!
2) I was dogging it real hard and was soooo tired!
3) My uncle lied and didn’t want to tell me that it was actually just under 7.5 miles!

So overall it was a really rough run, but at the same time it was great because it was on the beach and I had some good things to look at along the way!  Plus the weather was great! There were some neat little structures along the way too including this tiki bar someone put together from sticks…  (Sorry for the bad quality picture, was taken with a different phone!)

Lake Ontario Tiki Bar

Anyway, probably wouldn’t have made it through if it weren’t for the view of the beach to distract me and some good weather!

Total: About 7.5 miles

Tiring 4 mile run

Haven’t been able to get back into a good running groove since the not-so-great 400s run before leaving for camp.  The hill workout went pretty well, but other than that, I’ve been so tired lately.  Just trying to keep myself motivated at this point and keep getting out of bed in the morning to work out or play lacrosse before I lift later in the afternoons!  Anyway, this morning I woke up early at 7:00 to go for a run before meeting some friends for breakfast.  I decided to do the same run I did earlier in the summer, which was run 2 miles hard, run a really easy mile and then finish out with a hard mile.  I timed it, but the mile markers on the trail are wrong so the times aren’t accurate and aren’t worth writing down.  Plus I wasn’t all too happy with them anyway.  😦  Oh well, not much I can do but to keep going!

Total: 4 miles

The longest hill of my life!

So I’m working at an overnight camp this week, and I woke up early this morning to run a good workout before I get too exhausted to wake up early later in the week after this camp gets on its way today!  I woke up at 6:00 and ran a hill workout on a seriously massive hill at the camp.  I jogged really slowly down the hill for recovery, and it took a freaking 2:30 to run down the whole hill, haha!!  And then I ran up it around 2:00-2:15.  Honestly just a LONG, tiring hill to run up because it’s uphill the whole way and it’s pretty darn steep too!  I did it 6 times, and took me 25ish minutes total to run.  Great workout, but so hard!!!

Total: 25-ish minutes