Month: July 2014


At the camp the staff woke up early every morning and did what they called a “redneck circuit,” which was just a circuit of different exercises with weights, jump ropes, etc.  So, on the second day of the camp I woke up at 5:45 and worked out with the staff in their redneck circuit!!  In the circuit we did:

Hammer curl to jerk
Split squat jumps/Ski jumps
Kettle bell swings (single and double)
Tricep dips
Russian twists/straight leg hold
Jump rope
Tricep push ups
Military plate press/front and lateral raises
Weighted jump rope

We did the circuit twice and on the second circuit I switched up some of the exercises.  It was a pretty good workout with 30 seconds at each station and maybe just 10 seconds rest between switching from station to station.  It was a lot of fun working out with a lot of people in the morning!

At the end of the circuit, we did about 30 seconds of hops/foot work on the stairs and then we did a 2 minute plank to top it all off!

Total: 30 minutes

The longest hill of my life!

So I’m working at an overnight camp this week, and I woke up early this morning to run a good workout before I get too exhausted to wake up early later in the week after this camp gets on its way today!  I woke up at 6:00 and ran a hill workout on a seriously massive hill at the camp.  I jogged really slowly down the hill for recovery, and it took a freaking 2:30 to run down the whole hill, haha!!  And then I ran up it around 2:00-2:15.  Honestly just a LONG, tiring hill to run up because it’s uphill the whole way and it’s pretty darn steep too!  I did it 6 times, and took me 25ish minutes total to run.  Great workout, but so hard!!!

Total: 25-ish minutes

Workout Day 25

Struggled to get through the lower body today… feeling pretty tired. 😦


1 Mile run

Upper Body:
10 Stability ball dumbbell press (ended with 40s)
10 Pull ups

30 Second max power plate push ups
20 Ring rows

10 Single arm clean to jerk
20 Band pull aparts
30 Band speed pull downs

Lower Body:
1 Minute power plate
Prowler push
20 Walking lunge knee lifts
10 Glute ham walk out/in
5 Stairs

30 Second straight leg hold
50 Straight leg crunches
50 Penguins
50 Hip thrusts

Total: 2 hours

A run on the treadmill

Coaching a tournament this weekend out of town so I hit up the fitness center in the hotel this morning to get a good run in, even though I absolutely hate running on treadmills more than anything!!  I decided to run a 3 miles at a good pace, and I started out at a 7:30 pace and boosted it up each mile and the last half mile especially I ended on a 6:00 pace!  I ran a total of 22:22 for 3 miles and I kept going for another 0.1 mile to see what the 5k time would be to compare it to the old XC days and I ran a 22:57 5k.

Total: 3 miles

Peach Dessert Pizza

Made an AWESOME grilled peach dessert pizza!  It was honestly one of the greatest tasting things ever!!  The sauce is not so good for you, but the warm peaches and craisins were so good on top of the grilled pizza!  Definitely need to do this again!

Peach Pizza

Workout Day 24

1 mile run
10 40 Yard Keiser sprints
Ladder work (single run, double run, inkes, tailwind, front cha cha, single leg hops)

Lower Body:
1 Minute power plate
10 Kettle bell swings
10 Bulgarian split squats
10 Side lunge knee lifts
10 Glute ham raises
10 Single leg calf raises

Upper Body:
30 Second max power plate push ups
10 Single arm ring rows
10 Chin ups
20 Band pull aparts
10 Front/lateral raises

20 Medicine ball slams
20 Medicine ball side toss
20 Medicine ball sit up wall toss

Total: 2 hours

Tropical Quinoa!

After the first quinoa success, I decided to try and make some tropical quinoa that I’ve been wanting to make forever!  I tried this recipe…

Instead of the mango chutney & hot mango chutney, I added a raspberry salsa (which was AWESOME with some tortilla chips!!!) because I’m not a fan of the spicy.  I also used fresh mango and pineapple instead of dried.  Overall, it was a pretty good dish but I also am not sure I thoroughly enjoyed the salsa and fruit together.  Next time I make this, I think I’ll find something other than salsa to put in it and put it in the fridge because I liked the fruit better cold!

Tropical Quinoa

Lacrosse Day 21

Met with my goalie today before we coached a practice and shot around on her.  It was only for a fairly short time, but I was getting a lot of good shots in for a good 20 minutes before our players showed up.  Had some great ones going in too which was pretty good, but other than that just a short day of shooting today.

Total: 20 minutes

Workout Day 23

20 Stairs
1000 Jump ropes

Lower Body:
1 Minute single leg power plate lunge squat with weight
20 Keiser double squat
10 Box jumps
10 Reverse lunge knee lift
20 Stability ball bridges

Upper Body:
10-15 Ring push ups
20 Ring rows
20 Hammer curl to jerks
20 Band pull aparts
20 Bench dips

50 Elevated medicine ball toss sit ups
50 Russian twists
100 Flutter kicks

Total: 2 hours