Month: October 2016

Lift Workout 4

Today we did 2 sets of workouts.

The first:

10 squats at 60% (I did 100)
5 hang cleans
12 box jumps
10 standing flies
**As many sets as possible in 10 minutes

The second:

10 shrugs at the above squat weight
10 incline reverse flies
5 deadlifts (I did 115, too light!)
8 4-point RDLs (RDL, row, RDL, shrug)
**As many sets as possible in 10 minutes

Great full body workout for sure!!

Lift Workout 3

Today’s workout was awesome!!!

We started with doing as many bench presses as possible in 10 minutes.  My partner and I just benched with the bar.  The idea was to bench press the bar as much as possible until you started slowing down.  When you were noticeably slower and couldn’t keep up the pace, you switched with your partner until they tired out as well.  We continued this process for 10 minutes and the idea is to try and get to 100.  If you made 100, then the next time you do it you add weight.  I got 126 with the bar for my first time doing this workout so will add weight next time!

After our arms were already incredibly dead, the trainer tacked on an upper body circuit to add to the pain!  We did 21’s with the curl bar, which was 7 lower half curls, 7 upper half curls and 7 full curls.  Then 10 push ups.  Then an incline fly press.  Then 3 jerks.

We ended with the bar core routine again from the last post.  Loved this workout!

Lift Workout 2

Today we did a hang clean and front squat workout.  It was very similar to the last workout in that we had 30 seconds to squat and we squatted in rhythm with whistles.  When the whistle blew, we squatted down and then held the front squat at the bottom until the second whistle.  After 30 seconds, we switched with partners and then did as many hang cleans as possible.  We did 5 sets of these.

Then we did a quick circuit where we switched off between overhead presses with the bar and power cleans from the ground.  Again, doing as many as possible in 30 seconds for 5 sets.

We ended on a core workout with the bar.  One partner would lay on the ground while the other partner held the bar.  When it was time to go, the partner on the ground would hold the bar up in the air while also lifting our legs off the ground and holding that position for about 5 seconds.  We did 3 sets of 5 of these.

Lift Workout 1

Found some new great workouts to do since I’ve been graduated, and have to record them again because they’re so good!  Today I did 10 sets of squats with box jumps between squats.  While squatting, we paused at the bottom until the trainer blew a whistle and then we would come back up after holding the squat for about 5 seconds.  Then, while my partner was squatting, I did as many box jumps as possible the whole time.  The number of squats varied, but we did between 5-1o reps each time for a total of 10 sets with the box jumps inbetween.  It was a great, challenging lower body workout especially with the cardio in the middle!