10 Minute Increments Cardio Workout

Wanted to design a workout based off of cardio exercises… Here’s what I came up with:

  1. 10 minutes jumping rope (1,000 reps)
  2. 10 minutes box jumps (line up 10 boxes and jump on all the boxes, then on one and over the next, etc.)
  3. 10 minutes of 1 minute plank + 1 minute wall sit back and forth
  4. 10 minute plate agilities
  5. 10 minutes med ball series:
    1. 20 each side toss
    2. 10 slam
    3. 10 squat and chest press up high

Great 50 minute workout and seemed to go by fast!

Lift Workout 24

Cardio Circuit:

  1. 100 jump rope
  2. 10 barbell jump squats
  3. 10 tall box jumps

x 4 rounds

Heavy Lift Circuit:

  1. power cleans (decrease in number and add weight)
    1. 8 @ 90
    2. 6 @ 100
    3. 5 @ 105
    4. 4 @ 110
  2. 8 assisted band pull ups
  3. 10 back squats
  4. 12 hanging knee raises

x 4 rounds

Ab Circuit:

  1. 20 each plank rotations
  2. 20 leg lifts
  3. 20 med ball sit up wall throw

x 4 rounds


Lift Workout 11

Warm up:

45 second plank
45 second right side plank
45 second left side plank
45 second reverse plank

1 minute flutter kicks
10 second rest
1 minute flutter kicks
10 second rest
1 minute flutter kicks

45 second plank
45 second right side plank
45 second left side plank
45 second reverse plank


  1. 10 squats
  2. 6 dead lifts
  3. 21’s curl bar
  4. 10 reverse bench flies

Get as many sets in during a 20 minute time period as possible

Box Jump Workout!

Today’s workout was awesome!  We had 2 rows of 10 boxes lined up next to each other with a space in between each box, so we jumped over a total of 20 boxes by going through the first line and then turning and going through the next 10.  Here’s what we went through:

  1. Jump on and in between each box…x3
  2. Jump on one box and then over the next…x3
  3. Jump on one box and then over the next 2…x3
  4. Jump over every box…x3
  5. Jump up with 2 feet and land on 1 foot in runner’s position knee up and opposite arm (right leg down, left leg back)…x3

It was a great, different plyo workout!  There was a line of about 25-30 of us, so we had a 30 second-1 minute or so break in between rotations.

Interval Cardio/Ab Workout

Today I did a Kayla Itsines style workout with my own favorite exercises I chose.

First set:
15 drop squats
20 plank jacks
15 box jumps
20 leg raises

Second set:
50 high knees box touches
20 leg raises
20 plank jumps
20 180 squat jumps

I tried rotating between cardio and an ab workout for this one.  I did 7 minutes of the first set nonstop, then rest 30 seconds.  Then 7 minutes of the second set nonstop.  Then rest 90 seconds.  Then repeat the sets again with 30 second rest inbetween.

Lift Workout 2

Today we did a hang clean and front squat workout.  It was very similar to the last workout in that we had 30 seconds to squat and we squatted in rhythm with whistles.  When the whistle blew, we squatted down and then held the front squat at the bottom until the second whistle.  After 30 seconds, we switched with partners and then did as many hang cleans as possible.  We did 5 sets of these.

Then we did a quick circuit where we switched off between overhead presses with the bar and power cleans from the ground.  Again, doing as many as possible in 30 seconds for 5 sets.

We ended on a core workout with the bar.  One partner would lay on the ground while the other partner held the bar.  When it was time to go, the partner on the ground would hold the bar up in the air while also lifting our legs off the ground and holding that position for about 5 seconds.  We did 3 sets of 5 of these.