Lacrosse Day 4

“You never know how far you can go unless you run.”  –Secretariat

Watched the movie Secretariat tonight, what a great film!  So awesome to see the owner keep her faith alive and believe in Secretariat when no one else did.  I pray that I can continue to have the same fight and drive that she portrayed throughout the entire duration of the movie!  Anyway…

Today I shot around again, but a little more relaxed with less structure than the past couple of days.  I just started off with some more target practice again and getting some shots in the corners, worked on free position shots, shots off of dodges, certain moves at different spots of the field and then I just messed around for a while doing some fun shots like risers, side arm shots, behind the backs and some narrow angle shots.  I played it easy after a while on the dodges/changing of direction because my right calf isn’t any better today and would slightly cramp up from time to time!  After that, I came home and strung a field stick for my goalie and we just played catch for a little because she wanted to try out her new field stick!  A nice looking stick!

Tina Camo

That’s it for today though!  BANC!

Total: 1 hour



“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”
–Steve Prefontaine

I’ll start this by introducing myself incase anyone beyond myself happens to stumble across this!  I’m just an athlete trying to grow the sport of lacrosse in an area that is not so familiar with the game, but becoming more familiar each day.  I was a cross country runner turned lacrosse player after being burnt out with so many years of running.  After picking up a stick my sophomore year, I fell in love with the sport and wanted to put in as much time as I could to catch up with the players around me and compete at the varsity high school level.  With a bit of hard work (and also a lot of experience with basketball as well), I was able to pick up the sport fairly quickly and ended up signing to play collegiately.  Playing at the college level has been such a great experience, and I want nothing more than to make it into that NCAA national championship game.  After coming so close and falling just short, I want it even more and am willing to put in all the work I can that it takes to get there.  As a result, I am creating this blog in order to keep myself accountable and document the off-season work that I put in.  Along with reaching the national championship game, my goal and passion is to simply grow the sport of lacrosse in an area outside the eastern time zone that needs a little more lacrosse in it!  Anyway, today marks the first day of the summer grind!  I’ll be starting the first post later today!

Until then…BANC!