Tiring round of 400’s

A bit discouraging run today after the fairly good ones I’ve been having so far this summer. ¬†Right from the bat I just felt pretty tired. ūüė¶

6×400’s with 1 minute rest inbetween:

Total: 1.5 miles


A run on the treadmill

Coaching a tournament this weekend out of town so I hit up the fitness center in the hotel this morning to get a good run in, even though I absolutely hate running on treadmills more than anything!!  I decided to run a 3 miles at a good pace, and I started out at a 7:30 pace and boosted it up each mile and the last half mile especially I ended on a 6:00 pace!  I ran a total of 22:22 for 3 miles and I kept going for another 0.1 mile to see what the 5k time would be to compare it to the old XC days and I ran a 22:57 5k.

Total: 3 miles

More 400’s on the track

Ran 400’s today after getting out of work, and they went fairly well besides running the last two in an awful wind down the back stretch! ¬†Anyway, here were the times:


And afterwards I ended with an 800 cool down.

Total: 2 miles

Another 800 Workout

Got myself to go to the track this morning and run some more 800’s…

800 #1:
1st lap…. 1:36
2nd lap… 1:34

800 #2:
1st lap….. 1:36
2nd lap…. 1:32

800 #3:
1st lap….. 1:32
2nd lap…. 1:29

800 #4:
1st lap….. 1:30
2nd lap…. 1:27

So I was pretty happy with the times! ¬†Getting closer to the 3:00 intervals I hope to have someday…


Workout Day 21

Today I was feeling a little bit crazy and decided to run the 2.8 miles to where I work out rather than drive there as usual of course. ¬†It is hard to give an exact time because I would forget to stop my watch sometimes at intersections, but I’d say it took about 22 minutes to run it. ¬†I wasn’t really trying to go all out or anything, either, so I was ok with that. ¬†Anyway, when I got to the place they just had me do a shorter upper body workout because they saw me running in!

Upper Body:
10 Push up with dumbbell row
10 Push ups
10 Kettle bell high swings
10 Speed hammer curls
10 Speed tricep kick backs

10 Sledge hammers R/L
100 Cross climbers on tire
100 Mountain climbers on tire

Total: 1 hour


After the workout, I ran back in a bit of a slower time, somewhere around 23:00! ¬†Not sure I want to run there and back again because it was pretty annoying being on the busiest street near my house, but it was fun to try once! ¬†Then when I got home, I ran an extra 4 minutes to make the run a total of 6 miles for the day. ¬†ūüôā

Back to the high school XC days

Today I went to the old high school and ran the same course I used to run almost every day during the fall! ¬†I always thought it was 3 miles but turns out I was wrong about that too! ¬†I had on my distance calculating watch, so I ran 3 miles total in 23:49. ¬†It was a bit sad to be back running the old course because it made me miss some of the good ol’ high school days but it was still good to be back on the same course again! ¬†It was funny to see the changes to the course, yet how some of it was still the same too… Anyway, took an easier day today because the body is still a bit tired from the Colorado trip so I wanted to go for a longer recovery run than a hard track workout, which I will have to do later in the week. ¬†Ug! ¬†I hate the track!

Red Rocks Ampitheater

Worked out at Red Rocks today and it was craaazy!!! ¬†SO many fit people there that were so in shape it was intimidating!! ¬†There was even a group of training Marines there that was crazy, there were people there just yelling at them the whole time and motivating them to work harder! ¬†My friend and I got there and we just looked around for 5-10 minutes because we didn’t even know where to start! ¬†We finally decided to run in and out of the steps for 25 minutes–running 5 minutes easy, 5 minutes hard and so on. ¬†After that, we just did a lot of random workouts such as climbing the walls on the side of the ampitheater, backward bear crawls (which was my personal favorite… SO hard!), running up the steps one foot each step (which was very hard for me since I have short legs and am not flexible so it felt like I tore a butt muscle for the rest of the time, haha!). ¬†Since the one foot each step wasn’t too sucessful, we just did single step runs for 5 stairs and then worked out every 5 steps such as dips, push ups, russian twists, leg raises, etc. ¬†For the remainder of the time, we just kind of watched people and tried to do what they were doing for fun, we loved it!! ¬†We even saw some parents carrying their kids on their back as they walked up the stairs so my friend tried putting me on her back and going up a step and she fell but was fairly close! ¬†It was so funny.

Anyway, totally in love with Colorado and hope to live here someday! ¬†I swear Red Rocks was like the exercise playground of America, it was awesome! ¬†I had no idea it was such a hot spot for exercising! ¬†The only problem was that it was so crowded at first and I was frustrated with all the activity going on but after a while it got better… they should have some kind of “Red Rocks Workout Etiquette” sign because there is so much going on there! ¬†But overall I loved it and the view was beautiful!


400’s Before Colorado!

So this morning I ran another hard track workout of the usual 400’s because I’m waking up at 3:30 tomorrow to take off for Colorado for a while, woo hoo! ¬†Going to see some of the World Lacrosse Games! ¬†Anyway, I wanted to get in a good week of workouts before leaving incase I can’t get in any good workouts in Colorado…

6×400’s with a minute rest in between each:

So overall I was happy with them!

A Good Day of 800’s

So that’s a very rare title! ¬†As I said before, 800’s are probably the worst possible workout known to mankind and I always leave an 800 workout super miserable if I’m going to be honest, but today I was actually pretty happy with the workout! ¬†I ran 4 of them again each with a 5 minute break in between, and while running them today, I wanted to reeeeally focus on getting negative splits because last time I ran them I lost the pace each time and had a slower second lap. ¬†But today I put extra energy into trying to get negative splits and I surprisingly did for each 800!! ¬†AND I improved each 800! ¬†Woo hoo!!!

800 Times:
1:39 & 1:36 = 3:15
1:38 & 1:33 = 3:11
1:32 & 1:29 = 3:02
1:31 & 1:28 = 2:59

And an 800 cool down totals to 2.5 miles!

Modern Day Pony Express!

So today after going out to eat some Mexican, I decided to go for a run, which I thought would be a great idea but turns out it was a horrible idea considering my meal had about three pounds of cheese on it! ¬†I wasn’t really expecting it to be a great run anyway but boy was it hard! ¬†I wanted to barf the whole time. ¬†So for my run I actually ran to a friend’s house that was 2.3 miles away to deliver a letter to her instead of wasting a stamp for it to be mailed there!! On the way there I ran it in 19:06, and the way back was 18:30…not too bad considering I felt horrible and the way back was primarily uphill. ¬†There was one portion of the way back that was about 0.5 miles straight of a miserable, gradual uphill! ¬†My main goal was just to run back faster on the way back even with the extra uphills so I’m just happy with that! ¬†So my grand total time was 37:36.

Total: 4.6 miles