Day: November 20, 2016

Exercise Circuits with a Friend!

Today I went to a local gym with a friend and we did some awesome circuits that she put together with some partner abs and conditioning at the end!

Circuit 1:

  1. 10 burpees
  2. 15 weighted bar RDL
  3. 10 ab rollers
  4. 100 jump rope
  5. 10 med ball squat with jump and chest pass high up on the wall
  6. single leg kettle bell RDL
  7. sprint down and back 4 times sideline to sideline in the gym
  8. choice abs with med ball

We went through this circuit 4 times.  Then we walked a bit and set up a second circuit.

Circuit 2:

  1. agility ladder choice agilities down and back 10 times
  2. single leg jump rope 50 each leg
  3. kettle bell series: 10 squat and two arm swings, 10 oblique standing tilts, 10 figure 8’s
  4. 15 med ball side toss each side
  5. sprint down and back 5 times sideline to sideline in the gym
  6. 10 sand bag high pulls  + 10 sand bag bent over rows

We went through 4 sets of this circuit as well.

Then we did some partner abs with the med ball:

  1. Med ball slam + chest pass (2 minutes)
  2. Med ball standing twist (x3) + side toss (2 minutes)
  3. Standing back to back med ball pass (2 minutes)

Finally, we were old high school basketball buddies, so we decided to end with some conditioning using a basketball!  First, we did a 5 minutes continuous layups drill where one shot a layup and grabbed their own rebound, and while one was shooting a layup the other ran to touch the wall and back, then receive the ball to switch and shoot a layup while the partner runs off and touches the wall.  It seemed like FOREVER but the shooting made it fun!  Then we walked a bit and came back and shuffled while chest passing from sideline to sideline shooting layups at each side basket.  We also did this for 5 minutes and boy was that tiring!

Fun workout with a great friend!  🙂