Day: November 10, 2016

Box Jump Workout!

Today’s workout was awesome!  We had 2 rows of 10 boxes lined up next to each other with a space in between each box, so we jumped over a total of 20 boxes by going through the first line and then turning and going through the next 10.  Here’s what we went through:

  1. Jump on and in between each box…x3
  2. Jump on one box and then over the next…x3
  3. Jump on one box and then over the next 2…x3
  4. Jump over every box…x3
  5. Jump up with 2 feet and land on 1 foot in runner’s position knee up and opposite arm (right leg down, left leg back)…x3

It was a great, different plyo workout!  There was a line of about 25-30 of us, so we had a 30 second-1 minute or so break in between rotations.