Day: August 25, 2014

Easy 3 Mile Run

Wasn’t planning on running today, but a teammate asked me to go on a run with her, so I just took her on a 3 mile run, and we ran at a decent pace.  Ran in about 26:30, so just an easier run.  She asked me to run a bit after I lifted, so my body was pretty tired because I did a fairly good lower body lift!

Total: 3 miles

Workout Day 37

Today I went up to the gym and did my own thing:

Upper Body:
10 Dumbbell bench press (end 40’s)
10 Front/lateral raises
10 Dips
10 TRX rows

Lower Body:
5 Power cleans (end 120 lbs)
5 Box jumps
10 Goblin squats
10 Single leg calf raises

20 Medicine ball side toss
100 Bicycles
30 Hip thrusts

Total: 1 hour