Day: August 21, 2014

Wise words from the trainer

“You have to look at them, tell them ‘I’m going to take your shirt, your shorts and your shoes.’  You can’t be afraid to look at someone and tell them, ‘I’m going to beat you.’  You’ve worked your butt off this summer and it’s your time to show people where you’re at and to get at your level.  You need to be a completely different person on the field than you are off the field.  You should be lights out, and no one is stopping you!  You need to be a competitor, and want more than anyone out there to WIN.”  

Workout Day 36

Last day of summer workouts ever!  I was honestly so sad for this!!  I love this place and will miss it so much!  I can honestly say I had a moment in my car after I was done where I shed a couple tears… (sure not many student athletes feel that way about their last workout ever!)  But hey, what can I say?  When you devote so much time for so many years to something you love, it’s hard to not be heartbroken about it ending all too soon!!  Anyway, mini violin moment over!  As sad as it is to have summer ending, it’s exciting looking forward to the school year starting up after putting in all the work over the summer and getting back to work with the team in preparation for the season!

Ladder work
Hurdle work
5 Prowler push down/back (light/speed=180 lbs)
5 Resistance sprints
5 Tall fall sprints

Lower Body:
1 Minute power plate
10 Goblin dumbbell squat
10 Kettle bell single arm extended split squats
10 Kettle bell side lunges
10 Single leg RDL

10 Side sledge hammers
50 Medicine ball wall sit ups

Total: 2 hours