3 Mile Run… Easy

Decided to go for an experimental 3 mile run this morning… I say “experimental” because my hip flexor/groin/butt areas on my right leg have felt somewhat odd lately.  It’s just primarily been a dull ache, but it just worries me that sometimes it aches when I am simply sitting down.  Sometimes there is a tightness in the groin area, but it is just primarily a dull ache.  Anyway, I wanted to go for a longer, easier run to see if I had any pain at all and I was pain free the whole time minus a time here or there where my butt would ache for a second, but really no worries during the run.  My biggest pain was my legs being so darn tired from the heavy prowler push I did yesterday!  What a tiring lower body workout it was!  Anyway…  Hoping that nothing is wrong with the right hip area, just being extra thoughtful and worried about it because I don’t want anything wrong for the last year!

Total: 3 miles


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