Day: August 19, 2014

Workout Day 35

1 Mile run
5 Tire flips (4 sets)

Upper Body:
100 Boxing punches
10 Pull ups

10 Land mine press
30 Band pull downs

30 Band twists with arms extended
10 Single arm rows

10 Hammer curl press
10 Ring push ups

50 Rope alternating arm swings
50 Rope arm up/down together swings

2 Minute plank
1 Minute side planks

1 Minute plank
30 Second side planks

Total: 1 hour, 45 minutes

3 Mile Run… Easy

Decided to go for an experimental 3 mile run this morning… I say “experimental” because my hip flexor/groin/butt areas on my right leg have felt somewhat odd lately.  It’s just primarily been a dull ache, but it just worries me that sometimes it aches when I am simply sitting down.  Sometimes there is a tightness in the groin area, but it is just primarily a dull ache.  Anyway, I wanted to go for a longer, easier run to see if I had any pain at all and I was pain free the whole time minus a time here or there where my butt would ache for a second, but really no worries during the run.  My biggest pain was my legs being so darn tired from the heavy prowler push I did yesterday!  What a tiring lower body workout it was!  Anyway…  Hoping that nothing is wrong with the right hip area, just being extra thoughtful and worried about it because I don’t want anything wrong for the last year!

Total: 3 miles