Day: August 18, 2014

Workout Day 34

Last week of workouts!  I’m actually really sad about it, especially because I love the place where I work out at and I’m going to miss it a lot!!!

Lower Body:
1 Minute single leg power plate split squat (Right hip flexor a bit bothered)
20 Kettle bell swings

Prowler push down/back (360 lbs, wow!!)
1 Arm extended kettle bell split squat (Right hip flexor a bit bothered)
10 Side lunge knee lift

10 Sledge hammers
30 Hanging knee raises
1 Minute plank (Right leg bothered a lot by this, especially butt/high hamstring area!)
30 Second side planks

Total: 1 hour, 45 minutes

Cream Cheese Pancakes #2

Decided to try and make a different cream cheese pancake recipe because I had lots of left over cream cheese that I won’t use.  I made this recipe:

Also an interesting, different kind of recipe… They turned out with kind of like a rubbery texture and not much flavor to them, but I’m a lover of all kinds of pancakes so I didn’t mind these too!  I actually liked them with cinnamon chips in it!  I made one with cinnamon chips, one with peanut butter chips and one with white chocolate chips.  All three were very good, but cinnamon was my favorite!

Cream Cheese Pancakes2