Day: August 14, 2014

Onondoga Nation!!

Since we were in Syracuse, my dad decided to drive me by the Onondoga indian reservation where so many of the Iroquois players come from and stop in the arena there just to check it out and look at the lacrosse history!  While we were there, we stopped in the gift shop and turns out Brett Bucktooth was working the shop, who was on the Iroquois team I watched in the Colorado world games, and he was also a Syracuse All American!  So awesome!  It was great meeting and talking to him, and also so much fun to get a taste of the history of lacrosse being near the reservation!

Syracuse YMCA Workout (#32)

Today I went to a YMCA in Syracuse and did one of my usual lifts there.  So awesome to be able to do a good lift again after a week!

Upper Body:
10 Dumbbell bench press (ended with 40’s!)
20 Tricep band push downs
10 Front/Lateral raises
10 Band Chin ups
10 1 Arm rows

Lower Body:
10 Power cleans (right leg bothered a bit near upper hamstring area)
10 Goblin squats (same as above)
10 Single leg hip bridges
10 Single leg calf raises
10 Bulgarian split squats

100 Bicycles
20 Side medicine ball toss
10 Medicine ball slams
30 Second side planks

Total: 1 hour, 30 minutes