Day: August 13, 2014

Pure Barre Workout (#31)

This afternoon I went to Pure Barre in Syracuse for a workout, which is like a yoga/pilates studio and boy was it rough!  I came in thinking I would be able to do the workout pretty well, but it was so tiring and pretty hard!  It was a lot of small, limited movements, but that’s what made it hard because you had to hold positions for a long time making small movements!  I really enjoyed going there though, and was an interesting, different type of workout to do for a change!  (Holding up my right leg in some positions was rough and it bothered me a bit though…)

Total: 1 hour

Lake Erie Canal Run

After Henderson I drove down to Syracuse for a bit and spent a couple of days there as well.  My first morning there I ran 3 miles on the Lake Erie Canal!  I’ve ran there in the past too and it’s always a great run there because I love the trail so much!  But it was also not so great because I was dead tired and was going pretty slow and my legs were super heavy, but that’s alright.  The past week has been super busy and very tiring, so I wasn’t expecting too much.  I love the Lake Erie Canal trail!!

Total: 3 miles