Lake Ontario Camp!

After Lake Placid I headed down to Henderson, NY to spend a couple days at my uncle’s camp right on Lake Ontario.  I absolutely fell in love with this place too because it was like a beach but not!  The water was so clear, the sand was the softest sand I’ve ever felt and the water was shallow for like a quarter mile out!  It was really neat that it was so shallow for so long because you could go out really far and still be able to touch so it was awesome to feel so far out in the water!  Not to mention I was able to kayak a bit and paddle board, both of which I had never done before!  I went out for 20-30 minutes at a time just kayaking or paddle boarding which was fun, especially since the water was so clear and I could see the bottom the whole time!  Also, I took the kayak out one night as the sun was setting which was so awesome because I went out reallllly far and just sat in the kayak for about 5 minutes watching the sun go down!  I’m thinking next summer when I’m done with lacrosse I’ll just pack my bags and live in Henderson for the summer and work at a place on the beach, so then on weekends I can drive up to Lake Placid.  🙂  I’m thinking it’s a great plan!  Anyway, it was a great place to visit and I’m missing it already!



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