4 Mile Run in Henderson!

Today I went for a four mile run on the beach again pretty much only because I’d eaten so much dessert food and I felt like I needed to go run because I’d been eating so horribly!  I’ll be very honest and say today was a really bad cheat day from eating a good diet… probably the worst I could ever do!  For breakfast I had strawberry shortcake on a biscuit with a little bit of vanilla ice cream and let me tell you–how delicious was that!  Sooo good!  Then for lunch I had a tiramisu from a restaurant that my aunt works at that she brought for me to try and that was unbelievable too.  So with all the horrible eating I’d say I was definitely due for a run.  🙂  Funny thing was that it was actually a great run too!  I forgot the time but I ran it at a pretty good pace!  Maybe I should always eat dessert for every meal…

Total: 4 miles


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