Day: August 10, 2014

Cliff Jumping in Lake Placid!!

On the third day in Lake Placid, we headed up to some cliffs after winning our morning game and spent a while there jumping off some crazy cliffs!  At the bottom of the biggest one there, you jumped into some rushing water coming off a small water fall which was so awesome!  Never done anything like that before… such a rush jumping off of it!  After jumping off the big one, I was one and done!!  So much fun though!

Olympic Ski Jumps Tour!

On my third day in Lake Placid, we all visited the Olympic ski jump training venue and it was so awesome!!  We walked up to the water ramps first and sat in the bleachers and watched people go off the ramps for about five minutes, and would you believe I instantly spotted Hannah Kearney at the bottom getting suited up to go off the jumps!  I couldn’t believe it!  Then we went up in the elevator to the top of the ski jump and took some pictures of the awesome view and watched a couple people go off the ski jump.  We also met Nick Fairall there who is training for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics in South Korea!!  Not to mention he was in the Sochi olympics and got 35th in men’s normal hill… so cool!!!!  Anyway, after getting off the ski lift 3 of us decided to go back to the water ramps and see if Hannah Kearney was still there and she was just leaving as we got there so I was able to get a quick picture with her!!  She was so incredibly nice and I couldn’t help but tell her how inspiring her performance was in Sochi and I wanted to cry during her interview, haha!  She said we made her day.  🙂  So obviously it was an incredibly awesome trip!!  It was crazy that we were there at the same time as her, too, because she said she was just driving through on her way to train in Utah and just stopped by for an hour or two while she was going by!  Such a privilege to meet her and I hope she continues to train for Pyeongchang!

Mount Jo Hike!

Hiked to the summit of Mount Jo on the second day in Lake Placid…  it was a crazy hike!  At some points we had to climb up large rocks like stairs and they were so tall, it was a pretty big incline!  Not to mention we only took one quick break throughout the whole hike!  I think it was about a mile to a mile and a half up the mountain and I was breathing pretty hard in the middle!  It was a really tiring hike but so worth it and so much fun!!



Just got done playing a couple games in the Lake Placid tournament and boy was it awesome!!  Lake Placid is probably my new favorite place ever… absolutely love it up there, I didn’t want to leave!!  I had a blast going up there though and getting to play in some games with some great players against some crazy competition!  Unfortunately we lost our first game in the last ten seconds to a great team, but we won our last three games which was awesome!  Really hoping I can go back there sometime again (or maybe even live there someday…)  🙂  Seriously though–mountains, lakes, lacrosse and OLYMPICS!  How could it get better than that?!  (I say that without ever having to experience a winter there though so maybe then I would change my mind!!)