Tiring 4 mile run

Haven’t been able to get back into a good running groove since the not-so-great 400s run before leaving for camp.  The hill workout went pretty well, but other than that, I’ve been so tired lately.  Just trying to keep myself motivated at this point and keep getting out of bed in the morning to work out or play lacrosse before I lift later in the afternoons!  Anyway, this morning I woke up early at 7:00 to go for a run before meeting some friends for breakfast.  I decided to do the same run I did earlier in the summer, which was run 2 miles hard, run a really easy mile and then finish out with a hard mile.  I timed it, but the mile markers on the trail are wrong so the times aren’t accurate and aren’t worth writing down.  Plus I wasn’t all too happy with them anyway.  😦  Oh well, not much I can do but to keep going!

Total: 4 miles


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