French Restaurant Night!

Went to see a musical with my sister tonight, and beforehand we ate dinner at a french bakery/restaurant so naturally I ate wayyy too much dessert because there were so many good options!!  For dinner I had an awesome seafood crepe dinner and then for dessert my sister and I split this strawberry/kiwi/pineapple tart and a “sacher torte” which is this fudgy chocolate cake slice which was soooo good!  I’m not usually a chocolate person, but let me tell you it hit the spot!! Before leaving, we also bought some macaroons to eat during the musical which were also so amazing, but so hard to choose from all the options!  Macaroons are just so good and easy to eat! I got a tiramisu, apricot, peanut butter and half of a caramel macaroon and they were all incredible!  The tiramisu was out of this world!  I just have to share a picture of these desserts…

BonneBoucheDesserts Macaroons


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