Day: August 1, 2014

Workout Day 26

Went straight to working out as soon as the camp got over.  After playing games all week and being on my feet, I was still pretty darn tired and my hips were sooo sore, so I asked to just do upper body today to give my lower body a small break, knowing I have to work out tomorrow still too.

10 Stairs (this was tiring enough!)

Upper Body:
30 Second power plate push ups
20 Ring rows
10 Ring push ups
10 Hammer curls
20 Band pull aparts
15 Bench dips

20 Side medicine ball wall toss
50 Mountain climbers
100 Russian twists

Total: 1 hour, 20 minutes

P.s–also found out today that one of the guys who trains me is pretty much about to be famous…so crazy! ¬†Apparently he has a song that’s going to be released on the radio sometime soon, I had no idea all this time and all last summer!!