Lacrosse Day 20

Shot around again today and tried out a new stick I strung for a family friend… Was totally loving it! Anyway, today I did some target practice again–the usual right hand, left hand, high corners, low corners, mix it up, etc. Then I focused on 5 different dodges again:
1) Kayla Treanor move
2) Swim under dodge
3) Bad angle running to left pipe, shot with right hand (Saw Rob Pannell & Thompson brother do in world lax games)
4) Half roll, shoot late at small angle
5) Over swim dodge with a BTB… Just for fun 🙂

Then I went to the wall and threw for 10 minutes to make sure the stick for the family friend threw ok! Just some basic right hand, left hand, and quick stick routine.

Total: 1 hour


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