Hike with the sister!

Today I went on a hike at a local trail and it was my first time there, which I couldn’t believe the whole time because it was such a great trail and such a neat hike!  It is a nice scenic trail with an overlook of a river almost the whole time.  The trail was 3 miles long, but about halfway in my sister and I found two trees that were perfectly close enough to where we could hang our hammock and chill out for a while which was so awesome–never hammocked before but I’m a fan now!!!  Anyway, we just layed around for about 20 minutes and then turned around.  It was a good uphill climb on the way there and the way back was the easy part… pretty much all downhill!  We were out there for maybe almost 2 hours for a 3 mile hike, haha!  We were going pretty slow and just enjoying our time there!  (plus my sister is a bit narpy… 🙂 )



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