Workout Day 21

Today I was feeling a little bit crazy and decided to run the 2.8 miles to where I work out rather than drive there as usual of course.  It is hard to give an exact time because I would forget to stop my watch sometimes at intersections, but I’d say it took about 22 minutes to run it.  I wasn’t really trying to go all out or anything, either, so I was ok with that.  Anyway, when I got to the place they just had me do a shorter upper body workout because they saw me running in!

Upper Body:
10 Push up with dumbbell row
10 Push ups
10 Kettle bell high swings
10 Speed hammer curls
10 Speed tricep kick backs

10 Sledge hammers R/L
100 Cross climbers on tire
100 Mountain climbers on tire

Total: 1 hour


After the workout, I ran back in a bit of a slower time, somewhere around 23:00!  Not sure I want to run there and back again because it was pretty annoying being on the busiest street near my house, but it was fun to try once!  Then when I got home, I ran an extra 4 minutes to make the run a total of 6 miles for the day.  🙂


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