Back to the high school XC days

Today I went to the old high school and ran the same course I used to run almost every day during the fall!  I always thought it was 3 miles but turns out I was wrong about that too!  I had on my distance calculating watch, so I ran 3 miles total in 23:49.  It was a bit sad to be back running the old course because it made me miss some of the good ol’ high school days but it was still good to be back on the same course again!  It was funny to see the changes to the course, yet how some of it was still the same too… Anyway, took an easier day today because the body is still a bit tired from the Colorado trip so I wanted to go for a longer recovery run than a hard track workout, which I will have to do later in the week.  Ug!  I hate the track!


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