Chimney Gulch Hike

So today my friend and I looked up hikes in Colorado and the best sounding one that was close to us was Chimney Gulch Trail so we decided to give it a try.  We hiked it for about an hour and then ended up back at the beginning, and it was a pretty big hill at the finish!  It was a very cool hike and I loved it but unfortunately we think we took the wrong trail because there was another one that went higher up in the mountain that had a better view at the top, but that’s ok because it was still great to hike on a Colorado trail!  We walked by an old mine shaft in the middle of it which was pretty cool to see.  (Unfortunately I wasn’t smart and forgot to take a picture of the view)

After hiking we went to a lake and ran around it quick which was about 1.2 miles or so, and we ran it in about 9:30.  It was a neat flat little loop around the lake, but my legs were still so tired after red rocks and also standing around the previous day watching lacrosse games all day!



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