Red Rocks Ampitheater

Worked out at Red Rocks today and it was craaazy!!!  SO many fit people there that were so in shape it was intimidating!!  There was even a group of training Marines there that was crazy, there were people there just yelling at them the whole time and motivating them to work harder!  My friend and I got there and we just looked around for 5-10 minutes because we didn’t even know where to start!  We finally decided to run in and out of the steps for 25 minutes–running 5 minutes easy, 5 minutes hard and so on.  After that, we just did a lot of random workouts such as climbing the walls on the side of the ampitheater, backward bear crawls (which was my personal favorite… SO hard!), running up the steps one foot each step (which was very hard for me since I have short legs and am not flexible so it felt like I tore a butt muscle for the rest of the time, haha!).  Since the one foot each step wasn’t too sucessful, we just did single step runs for 5 stairs and then worked out every 5 steps such as dips, push ups, russian twists, leg raises, etc.  For the remainder of the time, we just kind of watched people and tried to do what they were doing for fun, we loved it!!  We even saw some parents carrying their kids on their back as they walked up the stairs so my friend tried putting me on her back and going up a step and she fell but was fairly close!  It was so funny.

Anyway, totally in love with Colorado and hope to live here someday!  I swear Red Rocks was like the exercise playground of America, it was awesome!  I had no idea it was such a hot spot for exercising!  The only problem was that it was so crowded at first and I was frustrated with all the activity going on but after a while it got better… they should have some kind of “Red Rocks Workout Etiquette” sign because there is so much going on there!  But overall I loved it and the view was beautiful!



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