A Good Day of 800’s

So that’s a very rare title!  As I said before, 800’s are probably the worst possible workout known to mankind and I always leave an 800 workout super miserable if I’m going to be honest, but today I was actually pretty happy with the workout!  I ran 4 of them again each with a 5 minute break in between, and while running them today, I wanted to reeeeally focus on getting negative splits because last time I ran them I lost the pace each time and had a slower second lap.  But today I put extra energy into trying to get negative splits and I surprisingly did for each 800!!  AND I improved each 800!  Woo hoo!!!

800 Times:
1:39 & 1:36 = 3:15
1:38 & 1:33 = 3:11
1:32 & 1:29 = 3:02
1:31 & 1:28 = 2:59

And an 800 cool down totals to 2.5 miles!


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