Modern Day Pony Express!

So today after going out to eat some Mexican, I decided to go for a run, which I thought would be a great idea but turns out it was a horrible idea considering my meal had about three pounds of cheese on it!  I wasn’t really expecting it to be a great run anyway but boy was it hard!  I wanted to barf the whole time.  So for my run I actually ran to a friend’s house that was 2.3 miles away to deliver a letter to her instead of wasting a stamp for it to be mailed there!! On the way there I ran it in 19:06, and the way back was 18:30…not too bad considering I felt horrible and the way back was primarily uphill.  There was one portion of the way back that was about 0.5 miles straight of a miserable, gradual uphill!  My main goal was just to run back faster on the way back even with the extra uphills so I’m just happy with that!  So my grand total time was 37:36.

Total: 4.6 miles


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