What was intended to be an easy run…

So I was planning on going for a long run today and play lacrosse with a friend, but yet again–conflict comes!  Had to help prepare some food for family friends coming today and run some errands and bake some dessert, so I only had time for a quick run.  I REALLY need to have some good lax time tomorrow!  Anyway–I was just planning on an easy run with my mom at her pace, so I ran 15 minutes with her, but then I had to turn back so when I was by myself I picked up the pace and ran back home in 13:10.  I was pretty satisfied with that because the path is literally one huge downhill on the way there and one huge tiring uphill on the way back, so to drop off that much time was a quality run for me today I would like to think…  Anyway, today’s workout:

Easy 15 minute (downhill) run out
Faster 13:10 minute (uphill) run back same distance

Total: 30 minute run



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