Workout Day 14

1 Mile run
1,000 Jump rope

Did what the trainer calls “Jane Fonda’s” today and I don’t really understand why!  But today’s plan was to do a lot of quick reps of exercises without weights…

Lower Body:
1 Minute power plate
30 Squatting medicine ball wall tosses
10 Tuck jumps
20 Bounding side lunges
20 Split squat jump
20 Lying glute-ham walks

Upper Body:
30 Second power plate push ups
Max band pull ups
50 Elastic up/down arm swings
30 Band speed curls
30 Speed push ups

50 Suitcases
20 Side plank rotations

Total: 1 hour, 45 minutes

(How ’bout that USA vs. Belgium world cup game today? Great game but total bummer!  Howard is a boss!!)  GO USA!!


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