Lacrosse Day 9

Today’s lacrosse agenda (wall ball):

50 R/L normal throw up closer to the wall so it comes back quicker and I have to react quick to catch the ball!
50 R/L single handed throw middle of stick
25 R/L single handed throw bottom of stick
50 R/L throw over the shoulder
50 R/L catch over the shoulder (25 shoulder level, 25 hip level)
50 R/L side arm
50 Catch left throw right
50 Catch right throw left
50 R/L quick stick
50 R/L over the shoulder quick stick
50 R/L behind the back
10 Quick stick routine (right, left, right OTS, left OTS, BTB, around the world)
25 R/L loop around and throw
25 one handed bottom of stick draw catches

Total: 1 hour



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