Conditioning Life…

Decided to go for a long run today after waking up yet again with incredibly sore legs.  I was anticipating another recovery run of just trying to get rid of some of the soreness, but once I got started I actually felt better than I thought I would.  My goal was at first to just try and keep up with an 8 minute mile pace for 5 miles, but I ended up going a lot faster than that around the middle of the run!  I was a master pacer in high school when I ran XC, so I kept a dead even 4:00 half mile pace for the first mile and a half or so, and then all the sudden I just picked it up a bit and never looked back!  Obviously I was super dead by the end but it was great to finally have a nice run with a pretty decent pace!  I was able to finish the 5 miles with a 37:30…so average about a 7:30 mile pace for the whole time!  But I did start out about the first two miles with almost a perfect 8:00 mile pace, so my last 3 miles were pretty quick!  I was happy with the run after having some not so great runs lately!


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