Workout Day 5

So today I went straight to work out on my way back form camp.  I was pretty exhausted and really hungry but I made it through!

20 Stairs
500 Jump rope

Lower Body:
1 Minute power plate
20 R/L Band monster side step
10 R/L Walking lunge knee raise
5 Power clean with front squat (90 lbs)
10 Double dumbbell RDL
10 Single leg calf raises
x5 Sets

30 Second power plate plank up/downs
10 R/L Bungee cord twist, push out
50 Quick bungee cord R/L motion
x3 Sets

After working out I ended with another wonderful foam roll and my right calf was really feeling it again after getting into the jump roping again and the calf raises so I would be surprised if it felt killer again tomorrow!  We shall see… BANC!

Total: 1 hour, 30 minutes


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