Weekend at the Lake!

Went to the lake over the weekend which is why I’m a little behind on the posts!  Over the weekend I was so incredibly sore on top of a lot of water skiing and kneeboarding, so I just woke up early one day and ran a nice recovery 3 miles.  It was also pretty stormy and rainy out, so I threw with my friend one day in intervals between storms so we maybe only got a half hour of throwing in!   It was a nice relaxing weekend at the lake, but looking forward to getting down to business now at a couple of lacrosse camps!  I’ll be pretty behind for the next two weeks in fact, as I will be working two different overnight lacrosse camps which is exhausting but the best part of my summer, I love them!  I’ll do my best over the week to wake up early and run or find a place to throw by myself, but no promises.  Typically I’ll end up going to bed super late and have to wake up super early already!  I’ll still be able to get in my three workouts for the week though, which is good.  Anyway, until then… BANC!



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