Workout Day 3

Today was a slightly rough day for working out and lacrosse, as I continue to face some annoying aches and pains–especially still in the right calf and also in my left tricep today.  Today’s workout:

20 stairs
1000 jump rope (basically all on my left leg too as it was killer on my right calf…probably a bad idea)

Lower Body:
1 Minute power plate
5 Squats (135 lbs)
5 Box jumps (again basically with my left leg–not fun)

10 Side lunge/backward lunge
10 Single leg RDL
10 Single leg ball curl

Upper Body:
10 Push ups with rows
10 Ring rows
10 Single arm dumbbell clean/jerk
10 Dips

50 Stability ball mountain climbers
25 Suitcases
50 Stability ball cross mountain climbers
25 Suitcases
(Suitcases=probably the worst thing ever)

Total: 2 hours

Also–I forgot to mention that everything is always in sets of 4 unless otherwise stated.



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