Workout Day 2

Oh man… already feeling the burn from the first workout.  Pretty much my whole backside is very sore–primarily hamstrings and calves!  My right calf feels like it could rip at any moment!  Unfortunately, today was pretty much the same if not harder than yesterday…

Start: A nice painful foam roll on back, glutes, hamstrings and calves (which could barely tolerate any pressure!  The calves are really feeling it today!)

1 mile run
1000 jump rope

Ladders: single run, double run, side run, straddle forward and backward
Hurdles: single run, side run, low and medium hurdles

Lower Body:
1 minute power plate
10 R/L band side step
5 tire flips
10 R/L forward lunge with dumbbells
10 single leg ball curl
10 single leg calf raises

Upper Body:
10 ring push ups
10 band pull ups
10 single arm dumbbell clean/jerk
10 band pull apart
10 bench dips

30 second power plate plank alternating reach
20 R/L side plank rotation
50 hip thrusts

Total: 2 Hours 30 Minutes


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